Влияние щелочей на пятна

Сегодняшний пост Тони Хансена.

One cone 10R bamboo glaze stains, the other does not. Why? Both have 3.5% rutile and 10% Zircopax added to a dolomite matte base. Even though the one on the right (B) has less MgO and more KNaO it stains badly (note the felt marker residue). Why is A better? It has an additional 4% Gerstley Borate, a powerful flux. That develops the glass better, makes the surface more silky. And it it’s lower thermal expansion means it is less likely to craze. I know all this because I logged recipes, pictures and notes with observations of test results in my account at insight-live.com. Want to see an email like this every month?